Nail Care

Manicures and Pedicures aren’t just for spring and summer. J Madison’s nail artists offer everything from a quick polish change to a soothing service that leaves your fingers and toes looking beautiful and feeling soft.



Member Price

$25 / with Paraffin – $34

$21.25/ with Paraffin-$28.90

Specialty Spa Manicure

Member Price



A specialty spa manicure will take care of dry hands and cuticles.This manicure includes a hand mask and exfoliation along with filing, cuticle work and polish of your choice.

Petite Manicure (12 and under)


Petite manicures are for the young divas who want to look in fashion with all of the latest colors.Please only 12 and under.

French Manicure

Member Price



This manicure includes, filing, cuticle work and the classic pink and white polish.

 Dipping Powder with Tips

Member Price

90 minutes – $50.00


This is a nail system that will add length to your nails by using tips.The tips are applied to your natural nail and sealed with a base coat.You then dip your nails in the colored powder of your choice and a topcoat finishes the service. Lasts 14 days.Adds vitamins and calcium to your nail bed.Maintains nail integrity.No odor. No uv light

 Dipping Powder             Manicure

After your manicure. First a Base Coat is applied. You then dip your nails in the colored powder of your choice and a topcoat finishes the service. Lasts 14 days.Adds vitamins and calcium to your nail bed. Maintains nail integrity. No odor. No uv light

$35 /
SNS Dipping powder w/removal $41

Gel Manicure

Gel is a Nail polish that lasts two to three weeks.

$35 / Gel Manicure

with removal: $41

Naked Manicure

Member Price



New Naked Manicure at the J Madison Wellness Spa

Who can get Naked?

Everyone! Whether you have damaged or discolored nails, or just prefer a more natural look, the Naked Manicure System will treat, correct and protect your nails

Treat – Correct – Protect

Manicure with Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

Member Price



The Ultimate anti-aging spa treatment for the handsYour hands will be gently exfoliated to reveal healthy, glowing skin. Then, a fresh, cooling, European Seaweed Masque is applied to the hands to help rejuvenate, tone and firm the skin dramatically.

This also includes filing, cuticle work and polish of your choice.

Keratin Manicure

Member Price



The Keratin Manicure is Anti-Fungal, Strengthening, Anti-Aging, Hydrating and provides UV protection…Manicure without water.Instead you will slip your hands into a soothing glove packed with an intensive, healing emulsion to strengthen nails, moisturize hands, soften cuticles, and provides dramatically longer-lasting polish application.


J Madison Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Member Price



The ultimate overhaul for your feet.You will relax on one of our Comfy Pedicure Chairs and soak your feet in a whirlpool foot bath, while sipping on a glass of wine (or other beverage) and nibbling on chocolates.

Includes Warm Neck Pillow

Warm Sugar Exfoliation for feet and calves

Hot Herbal Steam Towel Treatment

Hot Stone Massage to soothe the legs.

Specialty Spa Pedicure

Member Price



Customize your pedicure by choosing the scent for your scrub and moisturizer then relax and enjoy your soak, callus work, cuticle work, moisturizer, massage and a nutrient mask

Petite Pedicure (12 and under)


Petite Pedicure is for younger girls who would like some pampering for their toes.

Please 12 and under.

Hot Stone Pedicure


Hot Stone pedicures are a great treatment. Stones provide heat retention and energizing properties. Our Hot Stone Pedicure features the use of Hot Stones, and essential oils along with advanced massage techniques to relax the muscles and joints to relieve tension.

Couples Side By Side Warm Chocolate Specialty Spa Pedicure


This Wonderful Specialty Spa Pedicure is A Treat to Both the Feet and Your Senses Your Feet will emerge feeling Nourished and Moisturized as well as Smooth and Silky. Your Pedicure will begin with a Rose Petal Soak followed by Our Chocolate Decadence Specialty Spa Pedicure

Jelly Pedicure

Member Price

Benefits of a Jelly Pedi are: It exfoliates the skin, releases toxins, calming aromatherapy, promotes circulation and relaxes tense muscles and nerves of the feet. Finally, Jelly Pedicures are just plain fun! It’s such a unique feeling submerging your feet in a tub of jelly. Clients love the feeling of moving their feet through jelly as opposed to just plain water. It may sound odd, but trust us…it’s awesome!



Pick your Scent Pedicure

Member Price



Soak, Cuticles, File ,Scrub, Massage and Polish,You will be able to customize your pedicure scrub and lotion with the scent of your choice.

Express Pedicure

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The Express Pedicure includes soaking, cuticle work and polish.

Keratin Infused Spa Pedicure




The Uplifting Aroma of Orange fill the Air during your treatment which includes nail filing, cuticle work, callus elimination, foot & leg exfoliation with massage, Keratin Treatment and the polish of your choice.

Chocolate Decadence Specialty Spa Pedicure

Member Price



This specialty Spa Pedicure begins with a Warm Milk and Cocoa Foot Soak.It is then followed by a gentle scrub, massage and foot Masque. We combine this with a cup of relaxing Chocolate Tea to compliment this service.

Foot Bath & Massage


Have you ever sat in our Pedicure chairs and just wanted a foot massage. Well now you can do just that.You will relax in the Pedicure chair while your feet soaking the whirlpool tub and then your tired achy feet will be massaged for 15 minutes.This not only helps your feet but aids in your overall well being.

Other Services

Polish Change

Polish change fingernails.

Finger Nails – $10 / Toe Nails – $15
Nail Repair
Artificial Nail Removal
Nail Artistry
$10 and Up
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