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The history of J Madison Spa is based on what is most important…family. The spa was founded by Roseanne Gallagher, Licensed Aesthetician, and her husband, Jim Gallagher, of Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

They founded the spa with the idea of creating a comfortable, relaxing day spa that offers personalized luxury services in a warm, inviting environment. When naming the spa, Roseanne and Jim chose a name close to their heart, a combination of the names of their grandchildren, Jackson and Madison.




Our Story

Roseanne and Jim purchased the building for the spa in 2004, and spent the following years continuously upgrading and tailoring the property to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. They traveled to trade shows and conducted extensive research to ensure the spa would have the most effective products and services for their guests. After years of hard work, the J Madison Wellness Spa & Salon opened its doors on October 17, 2009.

At times, you may notice construction vehicles outside of the spa after hours. This is because Roseanne and Jim have continued to expand and improve the spa each and every day. This includes physical expansion, such as the addition of a Vichy room. However, it also includes constant updates to spa technology and services. The J Madison team is dedicated to providing the most advanced treatments and services to all guests. This includes continuous education and training for all of the J Madison family members, as well as new products and tools to ensure that guests are provided with the ultimate in luxury services.

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Roseanne Gallagher
Owner, J Madison Spa

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Since opening, Roseanne, Jim, and the family at the spa have opened their arms to a flurry of guests. Everything we do at J Madison is customized to meet the specific needs of each individual guest. We want each guest to feel very comfortable here, as if at home. We invite you to join us for an experience unlike most spas… the very best in luxury spa services in an atmosphere where you feel like part of the family. Welcome. We invite you to visit and experience J Madison, click here to reserve a complimentary consultation

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