IPL - Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Do you feel like your skin needs a fresh start? If exfoliation and topical creams aren’t giving you a blemish-free glow, it might be time to consider professional skin resurfacing. Skin resurfacing treatments, like the IPL Photofacial, can help people of all ages achieve better skin tone and texture.

IPL stands for “intense pulsed light.” During an IPL photo facial, a light-emitting device is precisely calibrated to target specific skin concerns or to deliver comprehensive full-face rejuvenation. When the pulses of light emitted by this device are absorbed by the melanin (pigment) and red blood cells in the skin, heat is generated. This heat emulates a superficial injury, but unlike a burn, it won’t cause any lasting damage. The IPL device is designed to activate the skin’s natural healing processes without actually harming delicate dermal tissue. IPL therapy will not cause scarring, infection or other complications when administered by a qualified professional.

As your skin attempts to repair itself, it will shed dull, damaged outer layer and form supple, vibrant new skin. During this process, skin-firming proteins (like collagen and elastin) are produced in abundance, mitigating some of the effects of age-related collagen loss. The light emitted during IPL therapy also breaks down the dark pigment inside age spots and freckles, creating even more skin coloration. IPL treatments use poly-chromatic (broad spectrum) light to work their magic. This type of light is made up of many different wavelengths , unlike the light emitted during IPL therapy, our specialists can calibrate the IPL photo facial to react with specific skin conditions. The adjustable nature of this procedure makes IPL treatment extremely versatile and easy to customize. This procedure can be used to treat a single issue or to address multiple problems simultaneously.

Intense pulsed light can tackle the causes of acne and its lasting side effects, like scarring. This procedure also kills harmful bacteria and reduces redness and inflammation. Repeated IPL photo facials encourage the skin to shed and renew its outer layer, a process that gradually eliminates scar tissue.

Because intense pulsed light is absorbed very efficiently by red blood cells, the IPL photofacial is one of the best treatments available for visible blood vessel abnormalities. Our patients use the IPL photo facial to dissolve broken capillaries and spider veins for a more even, youthful complexion. This procedure is also ideal for treating conditions that cause diffuse redness, like rosacea. IPL is unique in its ability to actually change the structure of skin cells, making them behave more like young cells. Three to six of these quick treatments spaced one month apart create beautiful results for most people.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

  • Face  $200   |   Series of 6  $1,080
  • Cheeks  $100   |   Series of 6  $540
  • Neck  $125   |   Series of 6  $675
  • Decollete  $250   |   Series of 6  $1,350
  • Hands  $100   |   Series of 6  $540

IPL Acne Face and Neck | $125

IPL Vascular & Pigmented

  • Face  $200   |   Series of 3  $540
  • Full Face and Neck  $250   |   Series of 3  $675
  • Decollete  $225
  • Hands  $150
  • Nose  $125
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